Keynote and Plenary Lectures

ICANM is pleased to present world-class keynote speakers at our 2019 Conference in Montreal.

The Keynote Lecture " Applications of Hybrid Chitosan-Based Nanomaterials in Regenerative and Nano-medicine " will be given by Dr.Maryam Tabrizian.  

Dr.Maryam Tabrizian is professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department and the Faculty of Dentistry, and James McGill professor at McGill University. She became FRSQ-Chercheure nationale awardee (2006), Guggenheim Fellow in Biomedical Sciences (2010), the Fellow of the Biomaterials Science & Engineering (2011) and Fellow of Royal Society of Canada-Academy of Science (2017) for her contribution to the field of Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Sciences. She has received her PhD degree in Physical Sciences from Université Pierre et Marie Curie-École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie de Paris in 1990. She has established expertise in the design of nano-biomaterials and nano-biointerfaces for their application in nanomedicine, regenerative medicine and Lab-on-a-chip devices. She was the director of the Centre for Biorecognition and Biosensors (CBB) for 10 years that she founded in 2001.She is the author of over 200 peer-reviewed papers (H-index 59), 100 invited lectures, many book chapters, patents, and over 335 communications. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Materials (MDPI ISSN 1996-1944; CODEN: MATEG9).